Throughout my life I never imagined my first founded company would be an international representation company. Now I can’t imagine it being anything else.

Leaving Colombia from a young age to study international business in London really helped me broaden my horizons, and a business degree is certainly helpful to put together a business. But I have also realized that doing these ‘crazy’ things yourself will teach you things that no university or person will ever teach you.

Many times, I have been branded very ‘young’ or too ‘unexperienced’ to be doing what I do. Still, in the industrial markets, older managers and CEOs appreciate a younger face to be doing business with them.

This happens by not giving up, and believing in yourself in the face of adversity. I would like to leave this message in the RIE website in hopes that anyone who reads this can relate. Everything happens for a reason and if the causes and conditions in your life bought you here, I want to tell you that my doors are always open.

If you would like to learn about how we can represent your business, import or export your products to new markets, or just share ideas about crazy business, it will be my honor to help in any way. It is what I do and love to do.

If you would like to just share a chat or a coffee with me, talk about anything; music, travel… or just know me or my business, anything, it will be my pleasure.

There is always room for new friends, connections, conversations, ideas… I think life is about that.

So, if you arrived to this page by interest or just by chance, and feel there is something you’d like me to hear, again, my doors are always open.

Juan Pablo Huertas Eraso


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