RIE Colombia focuses on representing your business. Any business. We understand the needs of international companies, and adapt them to the Colombian and Latin-American markets. 

Likewise, we offer our insight and experience to any local company, willing to expand their operations and take their business to the next step.

Any way we represent your business, our principal strategy is to be your best international partner.
Our team’s capabilities allow us to adjuts to your every need, and our representation service can and will be as flexible as you need.

This is why we always strive for complete transparency and the best possible results. Achieving both will maintain a long-term win-win relation.

Our representation services include the followings:
– Market research
– Client approach
– Participation in international/local fairs
– Building a winning business plan

How do you win as a rie partner?

– Advanced market knowledge from day one
– A fully dedicated team to develop your company and products
– + 25 years experience in international business, +25 years in management, distribution,
– Full communication with clients and local stakeholders
– Full-time interpreter/translation service for face-to-face or virtual meetings

This is the best, cost-effective, way to introduce your company into new markets.

We will take representation of your company and name and make them our own. This means:
– Have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives for international markets
– Acquire the necessary expertise and information to offer your company to local clients
– Complete transparency in our representation of your business through a sales representation agreement.

This understanding will allow rie to make the best possible result in your name.

As sales representative, our top objectives for your company will be

– Successful client acquisition
– Correct introduction of your product / service to the market
– Achieve a long-term relationship with clients
– Communicate your every inquiry or request in the best possible way.

The international representation takes sales representation to the next level. This way we are be able to:

– Purchase and import your products as distributor or exclusive agent
– Fully develop your business in our home markets according to your international business plan
– Develop a business plan that suits your company for each specific market

Our goals as international representative will be the following:

– Achieve the best terms so we can introduce your products at competitive levels
– Ensure best possible volume and margins for both sides of the business
– Reach the best possible agreement between all parties. Win-win relations
– Have a continuous flow of international sales for your business
– Maintain a constant and clear communication with your clients

These are the products we represent

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